Static Site Generator

Quick little bonus post this week. I wrote my own static site generator. If you are familiar with Go and Go’s templates then you might like it. It’s only 1200 lines of code so it doesn’t do a great deal, but its semantics are quite simple and it’s quite flexible. See the README for the details and some examples.

I got fed-up with Hugo. I think it’s not aimed at programmers really. It doesn’t let you call templates from within posts, and its serve functionality would endlessly crash over editor backup files. Despite that ticket being marked closed, it still happens a lot, for a lot of people.

Writing a static site generator is a fun little project; after 3 days I had everything I wanted, including a server that watches the filesystem for changes and automatically rebuilds. It’s certainly not as polished or slick as others out there, but it does what I wanted: simple, predictable, and flexible. It’s what builds this site now.